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The question is what is cb editing? Still lots of people don’t know it mean, some will say it is combination of contrast and brightness, that’s true but not 100%. Actually CB mean is Chetan Bhoir, who is one of famous editor on Instagram. There style of editing is really awesome and he is very famous on Instagram. When he edit photo he add a sticker on his photo that is his symbol cb edits thats mean chetan bhoir edits.

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If you have to edit a photo like this then first click on one of your photos in this pose and then open it in picsart. After this, crop your photo with the help of free crop tool. Now follow me step by step through the video. You can also edit your photo exactly like me. If you have not seen our video yet, then i have given the link below.

I have given the link below for all the backgrounds i have used. You can download it all. If you have any questions related to editing in your mind, then you can ask me by commenting below or direct massage to me on my Facebook or on my Instagram page. You will find links in the sidebar. Download text maker

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Text PNG

White Flare

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Click on the background to download it. Friends, if you are editing any photo with a perfection, then you will feel more at some time, but when you look at the result, then you will understand  that whatever time you have given it is not useless. So give your editing a little more time and you will see that you are doing a very good editing.

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